Treated Pine
Properly Treated pine will last for many years even when in contact with the wet soil.
Insist on treated pine that has been certified with a stamp or label from the AWPB; this assures the quality needed and  product treatment.
Treated Pine Grading is listed below so please select the appropriate treatment required for your application.
H1- Inside, above ground, dry
Insect borer (other than termites) hazard.
Framing, flooring, furniture etc,
H2- Inside, above ground, dry
Insect borer and termite hazard
Framing, flooring, trusses ideal for building your next House.
H3- Outside, above ground
Moderate fungal decay and termite hazard.
Decking, fencing, cladding, fascia, window joinery, exterior structural timber. Great for around the above ground pool as a Decking.
H4- Outside, in ground
High fungal decay and termite hazard
Fencing, greenhouses, pergolas, non-structural and landscaping timbers. The ideal Timber for building a fence or structure that comes in contact with the ground.
H5- Outside, in ground or fresh water
High fungal decay and termite hazard
Retaining walls, building poles, pilings and cooling tower fill, structural or critical applications.  A bridge over the fresh water creek
H6- Marine water exposure
Marine borers hazard
Marine piles, jetty cross bracing, landing steps, sea walls.  Lets moor the Yacht.





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